2019 Written Critique Guidelines


General Guidelines

2019 MWG Critique Submission Guidelines


Bart Baker

Screenwriting Script Critiques Only.

One-on-one sessions & written critiques limited to 10 each. First come, first served.

Submission Guidelines for Screenwriting Critiques

Written and In-person Critiques: Send the first 5 -10 pages of script (MUST BE IN PROPER SCRIPT FORMAT—Final Draft, Scriptwriter, Celux, etc.) to Donna Essner at mowritersguildconferencechair@gmail.com.

Include as a separate document, one or two paragraph summary of script. Also, include the following: Type of Script (comedy, drama, action, horror, etc.); number of pages of script; Goals for the Script (sell to a studio, TV or movie, make an indie movies, direct it yourself)


Karen Sargent

If your query letter is in crisis, Query 911! will come to the rescue. Karen will provide a written critique for your polished, struggling, or first-attempt queries. Submit your one-page query letter by DATE in order to receive your critique the day of the conference.

Guidelines for Query Letter Critique: Submit your one-page query letter (single-spaced), which should be formatted as if sending to a literary agent. Include your name and email address at the bottom of your query letter.