Our Board

The Missouri Writers Guild Board consists of ten full members of the Missouri Writers Guild.  The officers are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, with additional positions of Publicity Director, Historian, Members-at-Large, and Emeritus Officers.  Click here for more information about these positions. The other four board members are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer from the preceding year.  The Board of Directors hold office for two years or until the election or selection of their successors.  Elections are held in the spring of each year as part of the Annual Business Meeting.


Robin Tidwell

Email: President@MissouriWritersGuild.org

Vice President

Guy Anthony De Marco

Email: VPConf@MissouriWritersGuild.org


Mark P Bradley

Email: Secretary@MissouriWritersGuild.org

Treasurer/Membership Committee

Jeanne Szarwinski

Email: Treasurer@MissouriWritersGuild.org 

Publicity Director

Email: PubDirector@MissouriWritersGuild.org


Connie Yen

Email: History@MissouriWritersGuild.org

President Emeritus

George Sirois

Vice President Emeritus

Donna Essner


Larry E. Wood