Claudia Shelton–Workshops

Workshop #1

“So You’ve Got A Character…Really?”
There’s more to a character than name, height, eye color, occupation and hair style. Learn how to develop your hero/heroine through their unwritten back story. Discover their secrets to make them more interesting. Allow them to become more believable by revealing their flaws. And make sure you know when, or even if, to drop characteristics into your manuscript plus much more. By taking time to delve in to your character’s past, you will develop a memorable hero/heroine that makes the reader laugh and cry right along with their wins and losses.

Workshop #2

“ABCs of Writing Romance “
These ABCs will provide a quick look at the basics of writing Romance, but other genre authors will find these insights something to consider for their own career choice. Whether you’re working on your first manuscript, changing genres or are a well-established author, there are choices you need to make before you write yourself into a corner. Or, before you turn your brand into something other than what you planned. First, we will discuss the two elements every romance novel must possess—in other words, what makes a romance, a romance. From there we’ll move on to: romance sub-genres, “heat” levels, word choices, research and time periods. This is not the Master Class on writing romance which will be presented tomorrow.