Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

Greetings from the Missouri Writers Guild!

Missouri is blessed with a history of notable writers, authors, and dignitaries: Mark Twain, Sara Teasdale, Fanny Hurst, Winston Churchill, Kate Chopin, Gillian Flynn, Jonathan Franzen, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Maya Angelou, and so many others.

In early 1915, Walter Williams, the dean of the Missouri University School of Journalism called for a meeting of persons interested in organizing what was [to be] called the Missouri Writers Guild” (Missouri Writers Guild: A Brief History. Paul William Bass. April 2015). Thirty-three charter members joined that day.

Now, in its 103rd year, the Missouri Writers Guild, the professional organization of writers and authors throughout Missouri, boasts over 100 members strong. And we continue to grow! Not a small feat in this day and time with the demands of life heaped onto writers and authors who are often pulled in different directions for work, family, children, and social activities. Still, the Missouri Writers Guild remains a viable force in their lives. The MWG enables writers of all ages, genres, and capabilities to hone their craft, mentor one another, develop long-lasting friendships, and support one another in their writing efforts.

So, in order to provide continued, quality programs and conferences for all MWG members and writers, the board of directors recognizes the economic need to find ways to contribute to the continued stability of this professional organization.

With that, and in concurrence with the 2019 Missouri Writers Guild Conference, the board of directors has implemented a sponsorship program to support the continued dedication and mentorship of this organization to all writers in Missouri and beyond.

And in order to do this, we are asking for your support.

To provide an opportunity for sponsorship, the board has developed four (4) levels of sponsorship: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each level offers many of the same benefits, with each level also offering an additional benefit to the individual or business who contributes to a particular level.

As our way of thanking our sponsors, we wish to recognize and honor your help by giving back. No matter the level you choose.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our request for your help. We appreciate any level of sponsorship you are able to contribute. If you find a sponsoring opportunity is not feasible for you or your organization at this time, we would certainly appreciate your considering placing an ad on our website and in our conference brochure.


Robin Tidwell, President
Missouri Writers Guild

2019 Missouri Writers’ Guild Conference Sponsorship Levels

Platinum—$1000 (one available)

A full-page color ad on back cover of the conference program and professional signage near the main stage at the conference. Business logo and sponsorship ad will remain on MWG website for one (1) year.                             

Gold—$750 (two available)

A full-page B&W ad in the front pages of the program and professional signage near the main stage at the conference. Business logo or sponsorship ad will remain on MWG website for six (6) months.

Silver—$500 (two available)

A half-page B&W ad on Center page of conference program and professional signage at the registration table at the conference.

Bronze—$225 (four available)

A B&W quarter page ad on center pages of conference program.

Each sponsorship, regardless of level, will receive the following recognition with their ad placed in and on the following:

  • Missouri Writers Guild Conference website
  • Missouri Writers Guild event page
  • Missouri Writers Guild Facebook page
  • Missouri Writers Guild Twitter page
  • Swag bags, if material is provided by sponsor
  • Ad/logo placed in the Missouri Writers Guild Conference program
  • Verbal appreciation announcements throughout the conference each day

Note: Any sponsorship ads sent in color will be shown in color on the MWG conference website, event page, Facebook and Twitter sites, and in swag bags (if provided).

Logos and camera-ready art should be provided for all advertising and sponsorship opportunities.