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Important Information for Your MWG Chapter

Dear MWG Members:

It has been about a month since our conference in May, and the Missouri Writers’ Guild Board wanted to touch base with you and your chapters. Please discuss the information in this email with your Board Liaison. If you don’t have one, it should be a board member who is in the Missouri Writers’ Guild or you can volunteer to fill this position in your chapter. A Board Liaison simply acts as the communicator between MWG and your chapter.

In this email, there are some important reminders to get those action items, that we identified in May, completed.

1) Announce to all members of the Missouri Writers’ Guild in your chapter that they can upload information to the MWG website. Most importantly, we only have six chapters represented on the MWG website under the “About” tab, so upload your chapter’s information as soon as possible. That will guide new, interested writers to your chapter meetings. To do this, sign into the website. Email president@missouriwritersguild.org if you do not know your login information. When you are logged in, click on “Members Only”, then choose which item(s) you would like to update. “Update Chapter Information” is toward the bottom of the list.

2) Discuss membership in the Missouri Writers’ Guild with your chapter. We have a great conference in the works for next spring in Kansas City.

3) We have a new MWG logo, which you can use for your chapter’s promotional materials (website, blog, flyers and print materials, Facebook page, and press releases).

4) Currently, we are generating content for a “Writers Resources” page in the “Members Only” section. Please email Schultewrites@gmail.com or waynegroner@yourmemoriesyourbook.com
with quality, online resources you have used or know well. If you know of Missouri resources, even better! We need information for these categories:

· Agents

· Book Designers

· Cover Designers

· Editors

· Logistics/Technology (EX: Novelrank.com or Statcounter.com)

· Printers

· Publishers

· Writing Organizations (EX: Romance Writers of America or Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators)

We need your leadership skills to continue to make Missouri Writers’ Guild a valuable resource to writers statewide. Please take the time to help us complete these steps to get those action items completed from our April conference.

We appreciate your help,

The Missouri Writers’ Guild Board

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