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Introducing the 2016-2017 Board

Welcome to our 102nd year as a Guild. We’ve wrapped up an amazing conference in Columbia and are ready to make the coming year the best year ever for the Guild. But it wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful volunteers who help guide the Guild each year.  The following members were elected to the new Board of Directors for 2016-2017. A round of applause:


George Sirois

Email: President@MissouriWritersGuild.org


Vice President/Conference Chair

Richard Snelson

Email: VPConf@MissouriWritersGuild.org


Secretary/Membership Committee

Jeanne Felfe

Email: Secretary@MissouriWritersGuild.org


Treasurer/Membership Committee


Liz Schulte

Email: Treasurer@MissouriWritersGuild.org


Publicity Director


Steven Wilson

Email: PubDirector@MissouriWritersGuild.org



Larry Wood (3)

Larry E. Wood

Email: History@MissouriWritersGuild.org


Board Liaison Officer

Margo Dill

Email: BLO@MissouriWritersGuild.org


President Emeritus

Robin Tidwell


Secretary Emeritus

Sharon Buzzard



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