Karen Sargent–Workshops

Workshop #1

“3 Revision Strategies to Take the Amateur Out of Your Manuscript”

Make agents and publishers say YES! Transform your manuscript from amateur to polished with three revision strategies Karen learned from a literary agent to prepare her own manuscript for publishers: deep point of view, action beats, and identifying crutch words (plus two more if time permits!). So simple. So effective. Too good not to share!

Workshop #2
“Book Descriptions that Sell”

Before a book description can entice readers to buy a book, it must first win over agents and publishers. But many authors don’t realize how important writing irresistible back cover copy is. Instead, they see it as a dreaded struggle. Whether your book is a work in progress or a complete manuscript, Karen will share a few simple steps to help you write book descriptions agents, publishers, and readers won’t be able resist.