New Member Benefit!

Missouri Writers Guild Members:

So, you’ve finally done it! Completed your manuscript and think it’s ready to be submitted to a literary agent or publisher. But wait . . . have other writers and readers offered you feedback yet? Have you revised and rewritten and rewritten and . . . you get the picture? Well, then, CONGRATULATIONS! Your manuscript is ready to be reviewed by a professional editor.

As a means to continually offer more perks for our members, the Missouri Writers Guild board would like to offer our members the opportunity to have their manuscript professionally edited.

Traditionally, those all-important first five (5) pages are requested by many editors, agents, and publishers, which can either garner a request for the full manuscript, or an outright rejection. However, as a member of Missouri Writers Guild, we want to extend to our members feedback on the first ten (10) pages of your manuscript! That’s right. Ten pages instead of five. So, for $30, each member will receive feedback and review of their first 10 pages.

Feedback and editing is being offered by Donna J. Essner, writer, professional editor, and former publisher. As a means of giving back, she is sharing the proceeds of her feedback with Missouri Writers Guild.

All submissions will receive a line-by-line editing as well as a one-page written critique via email. With this, Donna will offer suggestions based on the criteria agents and editors look for in those first five pages.

To receive your professional editing for your first 10 pages, please remit $30 to the Missouri Writers Guild. Once you receive confirmation of your payment, please forward your receipt and your first ten (10) pages of your manuscript to Donna Essner at


  1. Include your name and email address in the header section of your manuscript
  2. Include the title of your manuscript, centered at the top of the page
  3. Provide a logline (no more than 50 words) at the top of the first page
  4. Double-space entire document
  5. Number all pages
  6. Provide anything you have questions about or would like the editor to take particular note of.
  7. Submit only the first ten (10) pages of your manuscript, even if it stops mid-sentence.