Savannah Brooks–Workshops

Workshop #1

“Nailing Your Query: The First Five Pages”
When it comes to querying an agent, it’s typical to provide around twenty pages of your manuscript. But—industry secret—agents usually know after five (if not one). This session will focus on how to bring the integral aspects of voice, tension, and differentiation to the forefront of your manuscript, enticing an agent to request the full. Attendees will leave with inspiration to refocus at least their first five pages—if not their whole manuscript.

Workshop #2

“The Art (and Arcs) of Content Editing”
Content editing: an author’s worst nightmare. Mostly because it feels so big. In this session, we’ll discuss how to break down the monster of content editing into manageable arcs, focusing on different elements of writing and how to weave them together to ultimately edit not just for content but for cohesiveness and clarity.