Steve Wiegenstein–Workshops

Workshop #1

“Writing Strong Women in Historical Fiction”
The farther back in history one goes, the greater the challenge of writing strong female characters. The need for realism conflicts with the desire to create characters who are unique, independent, and self-governed during time periods in which women faced enormous social pressure and legal restrictions on their behavior. This presentation will look at strategies to create strong female characters who still fit into their eras without resorting to anachronism.

Workshop #2

“Making the Most of Your Local Library—and Beyond”
Like most writers, I’m a fan of my local library. It’s a great place for quiet research, leisure reading, and serendipitous discovery. But over the years, I’ve learned ways to use the library that aren’t as well known, and I’ll share them in this presentation. To a beginning writer, or even an experienced one, the library can be your best friend.