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J.D. Williams’ parents have kept a secret from him and his big sister, Megan, for their entire lives. Now, that secret might just get J.D. killed.
The arrival of a strange girl at his school sets J.D. on a journey which will completely change the course of his life as well as that of his sister. Together, they discover that none of the closest people in their lives, from their parents to J.D.’s best friend, are who they thought they were. Which means neither are J.D. and Megan.
J.D. becomes the target of a dark Fae who believes his blood contains the key to ultimate power. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, sending bloodthirsty creatures of nightmares and legends in pursuit of him and his family, from their home in the Ozarks to the shores of northern Scotland.
With teeth and claws potentially lurking in every shadow, the Williams need any allies they can find to keep J.D. safe from the malevolent creatures hunting him and stop their dark mistress forever.