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A Beekeeper’s Diary: Self Guide to Keeping Bees

 Author: Charlotte Ekker Wiggins  Category:  Publisher: Charlotte Ekker Wiggins  Published: December 28, 2021

Do you want to be a beekeeper and need help on how to start?

Charlotte Ekker Wiggins has written the definitive guide to beginning beekeeping. This diary will guide you on how to start, troubleshoot and successfully develop basic beekeeping skills and practices.

The information in this easy to use guide, with handy checklists and tips, will answer your beginning beekeeping questions including:

  • How to naturally feed your honey bees
  • Best beekeeping equipment
  • Where to set up your hives
  • How to get honey bees
  • How to manage pests and diseases

Plus much more including a new comprehensive index!

This diary continues to be used in Charlotte’s beekeeping classes. It is approved for use with Great Plains Master Beekeeping Program classes.