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(Becker Family Novel Book 3) Pathway to Home

 Author: Pat Wahler  Category:  Publisher: Evergreen Tree Press, LLC  Published: November 25, 2020  Tags: Becker Family Novelcontemporary romancePat Wahlerromance series |

An unexpected revelation sends her on a journey…

After her mother’s death, Mira Gordon learns a shocking secret. Could it be true she has a family she never knew existed? She is compelled to put her sorrow and her dream of owning a pastry shop on hold, in a venture that will take her from Key West to Kansas City. What Mira discovers will change her life forever.

Aiden Stewart, a widower and firefighter, struggles to reimagine the future while single parenting his young daughter. When he meets the lovely but determined redhead from the Keys, she catches his eye… and tugs his heart. But Aiden senses there is more to Mira than she’s telling him, and fears the possibility of a new heartbreak.

Can Mira and Aiden move past the pain of grief to claim a new love?

Book 3 in the Becker Family Series, this sweet contemporary romance can be read as a standalone. Finalist in Missouri Writers Guild Fiction Category and a Five-Star Readers’ Favorite!