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I am Mrs. Jesse James

 Author: Pat Wahler  Category:  Publisher: Blank Slate Press  Published: August 28, 2018  ISBN: 1943075468  Tags: book clubhistorical fictionI am Mrs. Jesse JamesPat Wahlerwestern romance |
Winner – Western Fictioneer Peacemaker Award-Best First Novel of 2018
Winner – Walter Williams Major Work Award
She captured his heart, but at what price? 
The long, bloody Civil War is finally at an end when Zee Mimms, the daughter of a Missouri preacher, must nurse her cousin, Jesse James, back to health after he suffers a near-fatal wound. During Jesse’s long convalescence, the couple falls in love, but Jesse’s resentment against the Federals runs deep. He has scores to settle.
For him, the war will never be over.
Zee is torn between deferring to her parents and marrying for security or marrying for love and the hard realities of life with an outlaw―living under an assumed name and forever on the run.
For her, the choice she makes means the war is only beginning.
Discover why readers describe this richly imagined story of the woman who wed Jesse James as powerful, compelling, and emotional.