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Mayhem at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West

 Author: Fedora Amis  Category:  Publisher: Five Star Publishing  Published: February 17, 2016  ISBN: 143283133X  Tags: Annie OakleyBuffalo BIllhistorical mysteryhistorical westernMissourimysterySedaliawild west show |

A bullet grazes Buffalo Bill’s wife in Tom Sawyer’s Cave at Hannibal, Missouri. In Kansas City, a bullet grazes Annie Oakley’s horse ― and then a performer riding next to her. Annie’s husband Frank Butler grows frantic in his quest to find the source of danger to his beloved. He suspects Annie’s sharpshooting rivals like Pawnee Bill, Colonel Bogardus and Lillian Smith. Our journalist heroine Jemima “Jemmy” McBustle hatches a daring plan to find a great story ― and keep her newspaper job. She must ferret out the evil plaguing “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World.” All roads lead to an explosive ending in Sedalia for the Wild West’s actual farthest east performance ending the 1898 season on Friday, September 23, 1898.

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