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The Fugitive’s Trail (The Sean Kruger Series Book 1)


In the lobby of a prestigious Wall Street investment firm, one man is dead and another seriously wounded. The individual accused of the crime, a fugitive.

FBI profiler Special Agent Sean Kruger is called in to find the suspect. He learns the only information about the man is a name and a picture taken by a security camera. Public records of the individual do not exist.

When Kruger discovers the investment firm is using the incident as a cover-up to a larger crime, he determines the fugitive was defending himself. He also learns a disgraced U.S. Marshal is searching for the man as well. But the marshal has no interest in allowing the truth to come out.

Kruger must use all of his skills and experience to find the fugitive’s trail. A trail leading to a deadly cat-and-mouse game where death is around every corner and the truth is up for grabs.