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Grandman Dean Goes Big Shopping

 Author: Warren Martin  Category:  Publisher: Little Elephant Publishing  Published: 31 Jan, 2020  Buy Now

This Multi-Award-Winning Picture Book brings a delightful new twist to children’s stories. The real-life Pop Pop dubbed his grandsons as Grandmen and began writing stories about their real-life adventures. In this first book of the series, grandparents, parents, preschool children, and children will enjoy Pop Pop with his Grandman Dean as they go on their big shopping adventure at Walmart. Readers can follow along and vicariously enjoy this adventure shopping for toys and watching imagination at play as Pop Pop gets lost looking for the toy aisle. Nurturing, learning lessons, family relationship, having fun and love are blended into this colorful and beautiful illustrated book. The main message is about being present, spending quality time, and creating lasting childhood memories. Additionally, educational themes are incorporated focused on behavior, good choices, empathy, and basic skills, while fostering positive family and social interactions.

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