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Pandemic Adventures with Pop Pop

 Series: Adventures with Pop Pop  Author: Warren Martin  Category: Children's Picture Books  Publisher: Little Elephant Publishing  Published: 29 May, 2021  Buy Now

This third book in the series fast-forwards four years to the 2020 pandemic with a unique approach to that unprecedented year. While activities were restricted for children, parents and grandparents found ways to keep going. Pandemic Adventures with Pop Pop follows the unique way Pop Pop found to entertain his Grandmen Dean and Levi. During the pandemic, or as Grandman Dean called it, “The Sickness,” Pop Pop found fun ways to keep his Grandmen safe, educating them while also creating positive and fun memories.
The Adventures with Pop Pop series of children’s books covers adventures with Pop Pop and his Grandmen. Each book takes us on an adventure to places like Walmart, preschool, and adventures during the pandemic. Future books will cover more adventures, like a birthday party with a surprise visit by Louie the mascot from the St. Louis Blues, Grant’s Farm, the arrival of little brother, and many more.

Fans of Pop Pop and the Grandmen can follow on social media and also follow along on YouTube with snippets of their adventures that inspired the books.

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