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Have Your Ticket Punched by Frank James

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 Author: Fedora Amis  Category:  Publisher: Five Star Publishing  Published: 15 May, 2019  ISBN: 1432851926  Tags: #FedoraAmis#FrankJames#HistoricalMystery#JesseJames#SistersInCrime#StLouis#VictorianWhodunit |  Buy Now

Fedora Amis has crafted a captivating mystery in “Have Your Ticket Punched by Frank James.” The reader is seamlessly transported back to the year 1898 as the author richly drops in Victorian details of a bygone era and historic St. Louis, Missouri. The story begins as Jemima McBustle is looking forward to her night at the theatre, especially looking forward to having her ticket punched by the infamous Frank James.

During the evening’s performance there’s calamity first by a dog then the town’s doctor is summoned to the theatre’s basement. Jemmy is a reporter and out of sheer curiosity she follows the authorities and the doctor, who is also the coroner. Once in the lower level of the theatre, the body of Quisenberry Sprout is discovered. For Jemmy, this is her chance to cover a headline story that will surpass anything any of her male counterparts would write about. This whodunit is a page turner with delightful characters and cleverly hidden red herrings planted throughout. No story spoiler here, I highly recommend you read this book. It’s one for the ages. – June Ashland

Book number 4 in the Jemmy McBustle Series

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